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Meet our Partners

With more than 3500 members from Boston to Bangalore, SVP is the world’s largest network of engaged donors. 

If you want to make a difference — and a bigger difference than you could alone — you’ll want to meet these folks.

Meet some of our Lead Partners…

Alaganandan Balaram

Lead Partner, Hand in Hand
"My conversations have become far more interesting and meaningful, because of SVP. It makes me probably a more interesting person to the people who know me." Read More »

Ashok Doraiswami

Lead Partner, Corporate Engagement
"What I find at SVP is a fantastic cross section of people from corporate, from service, you name it – they are there. And I think that’s what brings in the kind of brainpower that we need to solve societal problems." Read More »

Madhavi Hegde

Lead Partner, Sahaja Samrudha
"SVP fascinates me and motivates me with its startup environment. People bring in a lot of high energy and passion." Read More »

Padmaja Alaganandan

Lead Partner, Samarthanam Trust
"SVP offers professionals an opportunity to take skills learnt in the corporate sector and apply them in the social context. It also happens vice versa. You take the skills learnt from the social sector to make yourself a better leader in the corporate world." Read More »

Sashi Rajamani

Lead Partner, Samarthanam Trust
"At SVP, I get to meet people with great minds and passionate hearts wanting to always change the world around them into a better place." Read More »

V Ravichandar

Lead Partner, Hand in Hand
"Philanthropy can be even more deeply rewarding if it is backed up with time engagement with the people who matter." Read More »