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With more than 3500 members from Boston to Bangalore, SVP is the world’s largest network of engaged donors. 

If you want to make a difference — and a bigger difference then you could alone — you’ll want to meet these folks.

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Madan Padaki is wary of philanthropy – at least in the way it is usually described. If he has to define it: “It is about giving your time, effort and intellect to make a difference and see impact,” he says. This is part of his day job too – As CEO of Head Held High Services, he is creating impact by generating livelihood opportunities for rural youth. Inspired by the philosophy of venture philanthropy, Madan, who is the Lead Partner, Samarthanam Trust, finds SVP an interesting experiment in “translating good intention into action, and then impact.”

Why did you join SVP?

I was drawn to the aspect of collaboration. SVP is a network of professionals with diverse backgrounds and multiple skill sets collaborating together to make an impact.

Why did you choose to work with Samarthanam? What does this project involve?

I have known Samarthanam for the last 20 years. I was involved in their initial fundraising as part of Roteract Club. So I already had a connection. Through SVP, we are helping them execute their Vision 2020 plan. We are looking at their organization structure, team building, setting up milestones etc. We started the project in March. In consultation with their leadership team, we are preparing the action plan.

What are the challenges you find in the social sector?

I have observed that when organizations are driven by good intention and passion, a structured approach and application of management principles tend to take a back seat. Self-righteousness comes in the way. The challenge is to mentor NGOs to look at problems from the organization’s standpoint, keeping good intents aside.

How does being part of SVP makes you feel?

It fills me with a sense of urgency. We have the best brains and resources in the room – there is so much we can do together. We have to leverage our strengths to do something tangible.

We are people for whom improving our community is part of our life’s journey – whether we work in the nonprofit or corporate world. 

We are volunteers, parents, community leaders, philanthropists – a global network of local partners connecting passion and purpose.

We believe that nothing truly great is accomplished alone.

We see the chasm between the challenges we face today as a society and the scale at which we are engaging those challenges. And we’re ready to cross that chasm. Together. 

Every person in our network has something to teach and something to learn. We are never satisfied, never settled. We know we have more to give, and that more needs to be done.

Where others see insurmountable problems, we see potential.