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Grants, Partner Engagement and Alignment to National Goal – New SVP Bangalore Chair Dr Jogin Desai lists his priorities

Posted by shubha

As SVP Partner Dr Jogin Desai takes over as Chair of SVP Bangalore this August, Shubha Narayanan catches up with him to understand his areas of focus and priorities for SVP Bangalore this year.

Q. What is your top area of focus this year?
Top on my agenda is grants. This year, we have decided to decentralize the grant making process. A lot of circles are identifying areas and organizations for funding. We are hoping to close this exercise in the next 45 days, and then we will have a two month cycle in which we will decide and get the grants out. So that is my top most priority. There is a lot of good organizations out there and we are hoping that we will be able to support many of them this year.

Q. What are the other areas you will be looking at?
Partner engagement. I think we did a fantastic move by introducing the circles where we are witnessing a lot of energy. I certainly look forward to visit every one of these circle meetings in the next 4-6 weeks. Apart from circles, the other way we are boosting partner engagement is by reformatting our partner meetings. We now do quarterly meetings which are more substantial. We are seeing more partner participation, more prominent speakers are coming in. I am hoping that both these approaches – the decentralization with the circles that create a smaller base; and the format of partner meetings that create far more buzz – will drive partner engagement.
We also have a lot of current engagements going on, with Vrutti, Industree and others in Bangalore and Pune. I want to figure out how to align all of these to the million jobs initiative that SVP India has adopted as its goal.

Q. How would you summarize your priorities?
In summary, I have three main priorities:
– Getting the grants to people who deserve it the most in a time bound manner.
– Deepen partner engagement, continuing to enhance the circle initiative as well as format the partner meetings in such a way that it creates a lot of buzz.
– Alignment of the SVP Bangalore grants and the organizations we are working with, with the million jobs initiative.

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