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Partnering for Impact: SVP India helps Fanuc India meet its CSR target

Posted by shubha

In their first CSR commitment ever, Fanuc India invested in 10 nonprofits – 4 of them were SVP investees. Fanuc India, led by SVP Partner Sonali Kulkarni, welcomed the government’s move to make CSR mandatory for companies above a certain threshold under the new Companies Law, but had no idea how to go about it. They weren’t short of intent, but lacked in facts. SVP helped them get an understanding of the social space, introduced them to impactful nonprofits and eased the selection process. “We aimed to make our first CSR investment in financial year 2014-15, but we were running out of time. SVP helped us meet this deadline. If SVP had not been there, we could not have done it,” says Sonali.

How did SVP help you achieve your CSR goals?

We always wanted to do good, so we welcomed the government’s policy for mandatory CSR.  However we had no idea how to implement it. Since we are a hands-on company, we didn’t want to just write a cheque, but get involved at a deeper level. We were looking for honest, credible and capable non-profits to partner with. I looked to SVP for help. SVP, through its rigorous grant selection and grant review process, had already identified and vetted many organizations in the social space. They helped us understand this territory, provided us with leads based on our preference, gave us insights into organizations that we had shortlisted and helped us shape our interventions.

Did you find the kind of organizations you were looking for?

We zeroed in certain focus areas, including social upliftment, rural education, healthcare, technical training and support to vulnerable women, disabled and the elderly. SVP helped us identify organizations in each of these areas. We chose Samarthanam Trust for their work with the visually impaired, TIDE and LabourNet for skill development and training of youth and women, and Pune-based Jagruti Seva Sansthan for uplifting youth and destitutes through vocational training.

What is Fanuc’s plans regarding CSR?

We are looking to make continuous contributions to ensure the long term impact and longevity of the organizations we support. We are eager to make a difference. In fact, we even encourage our employees to engage with these nonprofits and offer their time and skills to make these organizations stronger.

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