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All We See is Potential.

SVP India is a diverse community of business leaders, active citizens and philanthropists investing our time, money and expertise to scale innovative nonprofits.

Our focus is on making a dent in poverty through catalyzing livelihoods at the bottom of the pyramid. We focus on organizations that work to promote livelihoods – be it through income augmentation, vocational skills training and placement, or micro-enterprise development. Currently, we work with NGOs that create inclusive livelihood opportunity for youth, women, farmers, artisans and the differently-abled in various ways.

Our journey started in Bangalore, India’s hub of innovation, technology and culture. As part of the SVP global network of local partners, we are connecting passion and purpose. We believe that we can have a hand in tackling many of the critical issues that face all of us, in Bangalore and beyond.

Where others see insurmountable problems, we see potential.


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  • “At SVP I’ve had many I-never-knew-of-this moments” – Raj Chauhan, SVP Bangalore

    Formerly an advisor at Goldman Sachs, SVP Partner Raj Chauhan led the grant process for Maya Health at SVP. He intends to stay focused on Maya in the coming year as well. “The challenges they are trying to solve are so huge that helping them can become a full time job,” he confesses. Read More »

    “SVP takes you on these journeys you never thought about” – Stuthi Vijayaraghavan, SVP Bangalore

    Playing mentor to EMC Corporation’s senior executives in SVP’s corporate engagement program led Strategy Consultant Stuthi Vijayaraghavan to work closely with ReapBenefit, a foundation involved in engaging youth and children to create tangible environmental and civic impact. The relationship reaped benefit when she joined its advisory board to help them scale. “This is why I am happy to be part of SVP. It takes you on these journeys you never thought about,” she says. Read More »

    Partnering for Impact: SVP India helps Fanuc India meet its CSR target

    In their first CSR commitment ever, Fanuc India invested in 10 nonprofits – 4 of them were SVP investees. Read More »

    Current News

    The SVP Million Jobs Mission aims to identify and support social organizations that share SVP’s passion for creating jobs and improving incomes. Through this Mission, SVP & its consortium partners will select 10-15 social organizations that have plans to create a cumulative of 1,000,000 + sustainable livelihoods each in the next five years, across diverse sectors. SVP & its partners will provide a range of support to each of these organisations over the next 5 years to make these plans a reality. Read More »

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