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AMPED! Turns 1: The A-List

Posted by Michael Castle

AMPED hit your devices a year ago. To celebrate, we've collected the stories YOU chose as the most moving, most clickable and shareable from every issue. See if you can guess the blue-ribbon champ! Read More »

SVP Portland’s Impact Pact

Posted by Michael Castle

There’s a rumbling in my belly, and I’ve heard the same from many of you. This is how CEO Mark Holloway addressed SVP Portland’s Partnership in September of 2010, in an unusually pointed address about the future of their Affiliate. At the time, SVP Portland was on the cusp of its 10-year anniversary. It had come of age focusing its […] Read More »

SVP + Giving Compass

Posted by Michael Castle

SVP International has partnered with Giving Compass, a new technology powering impact philanthropy everywhere, thanks to a catalytic grant from our friends at the Raikes Foundation. Giving Compass is a first-of-its-kind portal that makes smarter philanthropy easier Read More »

The Network Now — Animated

Posted by Michael Castle

SVP is all about S T R E T C H: ever moving, ever growing, ever evolving to become the most impactful network on the planet. Why shouldn't your SVP collateral be the same? Read More »

New Faces Across the Network!

Posted by Michael Castle

In April we introduced 16 new SVP staff members at 12 affiliates. Today, as I write, this group of 14 newcomers are changing the game for 9 affiliates across the globe. Get to Know ‘Em! Kiyomi Beach SVP Manager Austin (Mission Capital) Daryl Brooke Executive Director Melbourne Suzanne Durkin-Bighorn Partnership & Engagement Manager Arizona Leslie Factor Miller Fast Pitch Program Manager Arizona […] Read More »

Network Data — Served Hot

Posted by Michael Castle

How many partners power other SVPs across the globe? How many SVPs grew and shrank? How many are using or developing business plans? Pivoting strategically? And wait, how many SVPs ARE there? We’ve got all that and more for you in this year’s report. For every section — covering SVP Partners, Investees, Affiliates and finances — we give you the […] Read More »

Data Dive: You’ll Swim, We Promise!

Posted by Michael Castle

The good news: data is plentiful these days. The bad: a bit of torturing is usually necessary to find the data you need. As much digging and bending as might be used to, knowing what to look for and how, plus when to use what you’ve found, is never a simple, cut and dry task. Not to worry. SVPI has your back!

Read More »