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Keep Balsz Kids in School: Help Fight the Lice Epidemic!

Posted by arizona

Millions of underprivileged children are sent home from school each year because of head lice.  When these children leave school, they lose access to the programs they depend on for food, literacy, and positive life experiences.

For the 24% of children in Arizona living below the poverty line, the affects of lice are amplified.  Children with head lice often miss 3-5 days of school, which equates to nine days of catch up time.  Impoverished families often can’t afford the necessary treatments to eradicate their child’s lice, resulting in chronic head lice.  Without proper treatment, these children can infect their peers, parents, and siblings, pushing the lice epidemic further into the community.

Help stop lice dead in their tracks.

Help Social Venture Partners Arizona (SVPAZ) and The Balsz School District raise $4,000 to combat the lice epidemic at Crockett Elementary and their other community schools. Money raised will go directly to buy Guardian NPX lice shampoo and other health initiatives that will keep kids in school.

A donation of $18 will buy one bottle of Guardian NPX treatment.  Through Guardian NPX’s one to one program, Guardian NPX will donate a treatment for every treatment purchased.  Essentially, your donation of $18 will help two families struggling with lice break the chronic lice cycle.


To donate, please visit our youcaring.com campaign here.