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All We See is Potential.

It starts with one person. One person joins many people. Together they will help build communities able to solve our most entrenched problems.

That’s SVP. A global network of local partners aligning passion and purpose.

Social Venture Partners is an international network of engaged philanthropists who invest time, money, and professional expertise in local non-profits. Our mission is to build the capacity of our investees and strengthen their impact to create sustainable outcomes, and positive social change. Here in Phoenix, we focus on helping nonprofits that increase children, families, & individuals’s resiliance to risk factors, and increase children’s ability to succeed academically.

Established in 1999, as the 2nd SVP in the Global Network, SVP Arizona has contributed just above $3.9 million dollars and thousands of volunteer hours to 100+ nonprofits in our desert community. Local success stories include Treasures 4 Teachers, Feeding Matters, Teen Lifeline, and many, many others.

Helping individuals realize greater impact with their giving, building the capacity of nonprofits, solving complex social issues, and investing in collaborative solutions–we make connections that make a difference. Connections that unleash potential.

Learn more about how SVP Arizona makes an impact in the Valley by watching the video below:

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Many infants and children battle with the fundamentals of feeding — they are not just picky eaters. Imagine if your baby struggled to eat, and every bite became a challenge marred by coughing, choking, gagging, retching or vomiting. SVPAZ Investee Feeding Matters brings an innovative approach to a serious parenting concern. Founder Shannon Goldwater explains the motivation for starting the unique organization in AZ Central.

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As chief human resources officer for the technology company Avnet Inc., MaryAnn Miller handles about 19,000 employees in 300 offices worldwide — roughly two-thirds of them outside of the United States. She has belly danced in front of colleagues in Signapore and handles challenges in stride. Read more about her selection in the Arizona Republic here.

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Lance Fors’ background is in the commercial and venture capital world. He founded a biotechnology company, Third Wave Technologies, and eventually sold it. Since then he has focused on social change and entrepreneurship, acting as mentor to a number of social entrepreneurs. Alliance Magazine asked him, as someone who had had a foot in both camps, how the concept of risk differs in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. For him, it’s when he puts on his non-profit hat that he’s willing to accept a higher failure rate to try to create systemic solutions.  Read more >>>

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November 23, 2014 12:33 pm

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