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Creative Ways to Broadcast Your Message

Posted by seattle

The Venn diagram of NPR listeners and SVP Partners is pretty tight – civically engaged, socially and environmentally conscious, life-long learners who tend to be skilled professionals with the capacity to give.

So how can SVP begin to reach those listeners and inspire them to join our movement? Earned media and paid advertising are certainly options, but around the network folks are also coming up with fun hybrids. Check out a couple of ideas along with sample language you can borrow below!

NPR as an SVP Partner

SVP San Diego recently invited two staff members from KPBS, their local public radio and television station, to become SVP Partners. In lieu of a financial contribution, KPBS agreed provide pro bono radio spots. They have not yet aired, but I recently caught up with San Diego Partner Scott Tritt to get a sneak peek.

Here are a couple of versions of the radio spot, which Scott is happy to share with others.

Radio Spot: Version 1

Social Venture Partners … We’ll make you better while you make your community better.
SVP will change the way you support local nonprofits.
Nonprofits value more than money … they need you skills.
To find out why, visit why-svp-dot-com.

Radio Spot: Version 2

Social Venture Partners will change the way you support local nonprofits.
Nonprofit values more than money … they need your skills.
Social Venture Partners … Doing good – better.
To find out why, visit why-svp-dot-com.

Scott’s hope with the radio spot is to emphasize the ‘dual transformation’ or ‘double benefit’ that occurs with an SVP partnership. He shared that the process of coming to an agreement on language has been more challenging than he anticipated, but he definitely recommends giving in-kind partnerships with local media a try.

Partner Day Sponsors

Another no-cost way to reach NPR listeners is through day sponsorships. I realize combining “no-cost” and “sponsorship” seems like an oxymoron, but bear with me.

Some NPR stations offer day sponsorship spots to donors who give at a certain level – but many of those donors NEVER use them. In Seattle, a number of SVP Partners have donated their day sponsorships to SVP. The spots are about 10 seconds or 42 syllables, have a few restrictions on language, air twice from noon to 9 p.m., and are of no cost to SVP.

Does your local NPR station offer something similar? If so, I guarantee you have partners in your network who are eligible and more than willing to share their airtime. I’ve actually had partners contact me unsolicited to offer up theirs. If you do a broad ask and get multiple spots donated, you can increase your saturation – using the spots to promote a big event such as Fast Pitch, recruit partners or raise awareness of your grant opportunities for nonprofits.

Here are a few of the day sponsorship messages that were batted around in Seattle. (I haven’t spent so much time counting syllables since my elementary school Haiku days.) The first is the one that aired.

“Today’s KUOW day sponsor is Donna Lou honoring Social Venture Partners. Find out how you can give more than just money to the cause you care about.”

Other spots we entertained: “Today’s KUOW day sponsor is Donna Lou honoring Social Venture Partners –

  • “Going beyond philanthropy since 1997.  Want to join the ride?”
  • “You have more to give.  Not just money, but time and talent too.”
  • “Amplifying the impact of those out to do good since 1997.”

What about others? Have you found creative ways to engage local radio or media?

Share Your Ideas and Experiences Below! 

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