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Recruiting with Style

Posted by Michael Castle

 SVP China


SVP China’s Rick Wang shared this interactive business card with me at the SVP global conference in LA last month. Not only an affordable and sustainable production (it’s half the size of a normal business card and printed on recycled paper), it makes use of one of the world’s most accessible mobile technologies: the QR (Quick Response) code.

QR codes can be created for free and used anywhere — from direct mail and posters to packaging and clothing — to connect audiences to your SVP content: websites, event registrations, promotional videos and more. QR reader apps are also abundant and typically free. The code on Rick’s card directs potential partners and other new contacts to WeChat, his favored professional networking platform, one that allows group conversations, programs and event promotion.

Lastly, don’t be fooled by rumors about the death of the QR code. Their use is actually on the rise, and according to ExactTarget (now a branch of Salesforce), roughly half of all people using mobile devices access content using them.


SVP Seattle



SVP Seattle wanted its 2016 impact report to be more than a static summary — dated in months and piled high by the printer. They wanted to tell the stories of all their unique affiliate projects, ones from yesterday and today, and connect the right people to the right stories, whenever they needed.

Advertising for the impact report began at one of SVP Seattle’s largest annual events. As guests arrived, they received a miniature poster with a tear-away raffle card (everyone loves prizes!), which also contained a brief survey about how they like to consume their impact data. Shortly after, the report was released online and in-print using the gathered data.

To create stories that keep pace with SVP Seattle’s evolution, the report was then divided into two-page-per-story templates: easily updated with current information, printed in-house or locally in small runs, then combined to create custom marketing and recruitment packets.

Want to tell the evolving stories of your investees and community impact? We’ve adapted SVP Seattle’s story template just for you, with built-in tools for rapid turnaround. Learn more and download it here! If you’re also interested in learning more on the mini posters, reach out — happy to share.

SVP Vancouver


SVP Vancouver does a great job using the SVP brand, and these beautifully considered cards are no exception. SVP Vancouver communications and engagement manager Gina Ungaro creates the layouts herself and, much like SVP Seattle’s 2016 impact report, what often becomes a throwaway is turned into an opportunity to deepen the connection with potential, new or current partners. These cards can be quickly enlarged to generate other pieces of useful collateral, including one-pagers for recruitment packets and events, like posters and program spreads.

SV2 (Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund)


Something we heard a lot about at the global conference this year was a desire for collateral that helps SVP stakeholders, at all levels, communicate the SVP model simply and compellingly to our communities.

Jody Chang of SV2 shared these small but powerful “elevator speech” cards, each of which carries the unique SV2 brand on one side and clear explanation of their work on the other. Jody says, “I know for myself it’s made a really big difference in my ability to succinctly explain the organization to folks who ask me about it. I feel much more confident in the language (I memorized the one-minute message and use it often).”

If you’re feeling at all lukewarm about this little piece, let me change your mind right now. In one of the very best stories about a piece of marketing or design collateral I’ve heard yet, Jody told me that one of SV2’s Partners reported keeping this card on their bedside table for a full season, practicing it at bedtime each night to make sure they’d memorized it!

Have some great recruiting materials to share with the network? I want to see them!

Email your materials to Michael Castle at michael@svpi.org. Include a brief description of how you executed them (in-house, contract, etc.), how you used them, and any stories you may have about their success (feedback from partners, staff or other stakeholders).


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